The child and the ball
You are sitting at a table head to head with a small child. On the table is a ball painted red and green. The child can only see the red side and you can only see the green side. But both of you know that the ball has two colors. If you ask the child "What color do I see?", it will answer "Red".

After some years you do the same setup and the child will give the correct answer "Green". If you took the first scene on video and show it to the child it will probably state that this can't be true, that it wouldn't give such a stupid answer and that this video is a fake. What happened?

The Evolution of consciousness
There are different levels of consciousness that evolve while you grow up. This is a very normal process and a beautiful thing to watch, once you have the awareness on the evolution of consciousness. Read Jean Piaget or Ken Wilber if you want to share this extraordinary experience.

If you're self-centered your world outlook is the only valid. You can't learn from others, because they are all wrong. It's hard to overcome this level. If you're ethno-centered the values of your group are the only valid. You will fight other groups with different values. This is the reason for many wars. If you're world-centered you overcome all this and perceive the human race as one, living on a planet that needs protection, because people with lower level of consciousness are going to destroy it. There are some additional levels before and after the ones mentioned above, but these are the most common we encounter today.

It gives you a thrilling calmness when you come to a point where you understand that good and bad are both equally valid characteristics of this world. You instantly stop to only desire for the good and fight against the bad. And this experience continues with every step you take.

The clash of different levels
What happens when a self-centered guy is trying to explain what is the best thing to do to a world-centric guy? Does he has any chance to convince him? In my opinion the answer is no, because the world-centered guy includes much more input in his behavior than the self-centered. He sees the world as a complex system with lots of mutual dependencies and influences, not only a simple chain of cause and effect. And does the world-centered guy has a chance to convince the self-centered guy on his view? Again my answer is no, because he wouldn't understand it based on the missing perspective capabilities.

You can't degrade the level of consciousness once you have reached it. But you can understand the perspective of all preceding levels, because they are still included in your broader view (once you've accepted the coexistence of different perspectives).

Managing people
When it comes to choose a suitable leader for people with many different levels of consciousness you should take care of his own level. A self-centered manager will only accept people that share his view and on the timeline this will lead with the help of employee turnover and employee recruitment to a bunch of self-centered employees. Think of what this could mean to innovation and culture.

A heterogenous bunch of different levels guarantees a culture of mutual support, innovation and sustainability. And the best match for the manager is the one with a level of consciousness that includes all levels of the employees. (see Sketchy to Holistic Management Views for details)

At the bottom line step actively on the path of evolving your own consciousness and help others on their evolution path. There is nothing comparable fulfilling and you will definitely see the world with new eyes.

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